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Cricut Mother’s Day Ideas Mom Will Love!

Looking for some Mother’s Day ideas to craft with your Cricut machine? She’ll love one from this roundup!


A Cricut machine makes crafting custom cards, gifts, and decor both easy and fun. It is a great way to create an affordable yet meaningful Mother’s Day. The following post has loads of Cricut Mother’s Day ideas along with the free SVG designs – you’re guaranteed to make something the mothers in your life will love!


Below you’ll find:

  • Card Designs Perfect for Mother’s Day
  • Gift Ideas to craft for for Mom
  • Extras such as decor and gift boxes to make Mother’s Day even more special


Cricut Mother’s Day Cards


One of the simplest and most meaningful crafts you can create for mom using a Cricut machine is a handmade card.

A heartfelt, handmade card accompanied by a thoughtfully written note, expressing your love and appreciation for all the things she does, is guaranteed to brighten her Mother’s Day.

Following are a handful of free SVG designs from the Gilded Stork Design Files Library that are perfect to use as Mother’s Day cards:

Botanical silhouette watercolor cards are easy to make

The above botanical silhouette watercolor cards are easy to make in minutes.

A free Cricut Mother's Day card that plays with typography in a stylish way

These three free Cricut Mother’s Day cards play with typography in a stylish way.

Free SVG Cricut Mother's Day Ideas and Cards

aesthetic free SVG Cricut Mother's Day Ideas


Does mom love the beauty of a butterfly’s design? This layered butterfly card is so fun to make.

Shown above, print and cut botanical card, and below, Moroccan tile inspired hexagon card.


Cricut Mother’s Day Gifts


So you have a card for mom, but you would like to present it with a gift (after all she deserves the world!). 

Cricut makes making custom Mother’s Day gifts easy. Below you’ll find flowers, art, organizational tools, and more.

These paper garden roses look almost real, but they’ll last as long as mom wants to display them.

At Gilded Stork, we love making and gifting beautiful artwork. Be sure to consider the colors your mom decorates with when making her a piece of art. 

Shown above, Cricut Butterfly Banner Art, and below, Modern Art with Cricut.


Most moms love to organize, whether for enjoyment or out of necessity! Consider making her a “white board” meal planner (shown above) or simply gifting these super useful, handmade page/binder tabs (shown below).



Extra Cricut projects for Mother’s Day to make it even more special

The possibilities of what you can do with a Cricut machine are endless, crafting for a special event such as Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to explore these possibilities. 


Consider making your Mother’s Day gift extra special with a handmade gift box:

Diamond Box Template

“Woven” Cane Patterned Gift Box

Throwing a Mother’s Day party? You don’t have to be a professional cake decorator to wow, because these cupcake wrappers and toppers will transform any novice baker’s creations into masterpieces worthy of a Great British Bake Off finalist!

Cricut Mother’s Day ideas

Crafting with a Cricut machine opens up a world of possibilities for creating unforgettable Mother’s Day moments. From heartfelt cards to personalized gifts, and even adding that extra touch to a Mother’s Day party, your Cricut machine is the perfect tool to make it all happen. The Gilded Stork design Files Library offers aesthetic free SVG designs to inspire your creativity.

Craft something with love using your Cricut and these free SVG designs perfect for Mother’s Day




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