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DIY Weekly Meal Planner (free SVG design & Printable)

Make your own DIY weekly meal planner with this dinnerware-inspired free SVG design and template.

If you don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine, I’ve included a printable PDF version as well in the Gilded Stork template library.

Make your own DIY weekly meal planner

Fun Kate Spade-inspired dinnerware meets your favorite Wedgewood fine china with this meal planner board that doubles both as a tool and art.

Free Cricut SVG Design Meal Planner

To begin, download the template and SVG files from the Gilded Stork Craft & DIY Library.

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Cut it out and glue it together (or simply print it off), then frame or laminate and hang it up on your kitchen wall or fridge for reuse each week with a whiteboard marker.

DIY Weekly Meal Planner Board

Bonus, making your own meal planner will help your partner and kids stop asking “what’s for dinner?”

Gilded Stork Modern DIYs

You can write down both lunch and dinner or just dinner, whatever is most helpful for you.

Cricut Planner Craft

This project feels almost like a puzzle! Perfect for a cozy, January evening. Below are the layers if you are needing some guidance with the puzzle.

The Meal Planner Layers

Cricut SVG Design
Cricut SVG Design
Cricut SVG Design File
Modern Cricut SVG Design

A Meal Planning Resolution for 2022

Meal planning is something that I’d never given much thought to until this past Fall. With my daughter’s birth in October, we were overwhelmingly blessed with meal support from our church, friends, and families. I didn’t cook for her first four weeks! Honestly, this is probably the most helpful support for new parents – to not have to think about food.

This also made me realize the amount of time we saved as well! I resolved to plan our meals out better. I’ve started batch cooking some recipes and other recipes simply doubling what I make and throwing the second half in the freezer for the following week.

Meal planning is something I would like to master in 2022 and somehow establish a rhythm to it. That might look like rotating the same weekly menu every four weeks, it might mean us finally getting a Costco membership, or it might look like a day each month dedicated to batch cooking. I’m going to experiment and see! Please let me know if you have any tips.

DIY Meal Planner SVG Design

Don’t Give Up Yet! Mid-January Goal Motivation

I read a statistic recently that stated most people give up on their New Years’ resolutions on January 17th. We can muster up the willpower to accomplish our goals for seventeen days, yet after that, we lose the motivation completely. 

It is a common thought that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit – twenty-one days! This means if you can push past January 17th only FOUR MORE days you probably are well on your way to truly establishing your desired outcome! 

Today is January 17th! If meal planning was an area you wanted to work on this year, I hope this meal planner is a timely tool to help motivate that goal to continue. 

Get FREE access to this design and all my designs, printables, and templates in my Craft & DIY Library
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