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Free File Folder Tab SVGs

Organize your space with these free File Folder Tab SVGs


I have a friend who is a professional organizer. They have a Cricut Joy which allows them to make custom labels while on the job. 

*Side note: this is just one of the ways you can creatively use a Cricut to make money. She is providing a luxury custom service utilizing a Cricut! If you are interested in more ways to make money with a Cricut, check out the Gilded Stork guide here.

Though I have never purchased one, I have always thought it would be cool to have one of those label makers, either the one that prints the text onto the sticker paper or the one that punches the plastic strip. 


The truth is though, having a Cricut machine can help organize your space in so many more ways. From beautiful script vinyl labels, to uniquely shaped tags, to tabs for pages, folders, and binders (like this post’s free SVG found in the Gilded Stork template library).


This free page tab SVG includes five different tab styles, so you can match your space’s aesthetic, whether more modern or traditional.


Getting your free page tab SVG design from the Gilded Stork Craft and Resource Library


To make grab the downloadable SVG cut file or printable PDF from the template library.


Image Description

Organizing Tips with these File Folder Tab SVGs


Some rules that I’ve been organizing our home with are: (1) having a home for everything and (2) keeping drawers, boxes, cupboards, etc. only half full so that you can continue to keep it tidy with more ease. 

Once you have a home for something, it’s a very good idea to label it so that you remember and so the rest of your household is aware. These tab SVGs and printable help you do that!

If you love to color code, the tab with a center cut-out allows you to do this in a fun way! I sandwiched between it a piece of glitter washi tape. Each page or folder could have a different tape or color sandwiched between.

You could also use different styles for different spaces, or to differentiate unique categories. 


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