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How to Make A Modern Boho Raffia Wreath

This simple-to-make modern boho raffia wreath looks gorgeous on it’s own, but can also be dressed up with Cricut cut paper oak leaves and Fall sayings (get the free downloadable Cricut SVG files below!). 

Fall decor might be my favourite seasonal decor. It’s emphasis on natural materials and colours can integrate seemlessly into my home and there are so many health benefits to surrounding yourself with natural materials. Though Christmas decor is all over the internet already, I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Fall!

How to Make A Modern Boho Raffia Wreath

The above picture shows the wreath on its own. I designed and cut on my Cricut the paper oak leaves and then strung them on thread to hang from the ceiling above my dining table.

Below I used the paper oak leaves as well as a Fall saying to dress up the raffia wreath.

How to Make A Modern Boho Raffia Wreath with Free Downloadable Fall Cricut SVGs

At the end of this post find the free downloadable Fall Cricut SVG designs.

DIY Modern Boho Raffia Wreath with Fall Saying Cricut SVG File

How to make a modern boho raffia wreath

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Begin by cutting a bunch of approximately 15 inch long strips of raffia. You can cut more as needed.

Bend one of your raffia strips in half and place the folded side just under your hoop with the ends in the centre of the hoop. 

Fold the end pieces over top of the hoop and push them down into the loop created by the folded side of the raffia. Tug the ends to secure the knot around the hoop.

Repeat this process until you’ve surrounded the hoop. Trim extra long raffia pieces as needed.

Make A Modern Boho Raffia Wreath

Free Downloadable Fall Cricut SVG Files

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Free Downloadable Oak Leaves Cricut SVG Files
Free Downloadable Fall Cricut SVG Files
DIY Modern Decor - DIY Boho Raffia Wreath
Easy-to-make Raffia wreath - Boho Modern Decor



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