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DIY Modern Geometric Ornaments (Free Downloadable Template)

Covered in a coat of plaster, these easy to make, DIY modern geometric ornaments appear flocked with a fresh coat of glittering snow

Inspired by origami, the base is made from cardstock which is cut either by the free Cricut SVG Design or by hand with the printable template (find the downloadable template below), scored, and folded. 

The snow-like texture is created by heaping a thick, uneven layer of all-purpose drywall compound. 

A little bit about working with all-purpose drywall compound

All-purpose drywall compound (also called all-purpose joint compound) is an affordable material that can be found at your local home building store. As made known from its name, joint compound is typically used between sheets of drywall and then sanded down to create a smooth wall surface.

Pros for crafting with all-purpose drywall compound: very spreadable, affordable to layer and use lots of, super easy to sand smooth or to texture, easy to purchase (get it at any of your local home building stores!).

Cons for crafting with all-purpose drywall compound: Normally if sanding down, the material creates a lot of dust, and you then need to seal with paint or think mod podge, etc. to keep from chipping. However, because ornaments will be hung and not handled often, the drywall compound can be left unhanded and unfinished. 

Continue reading to learn step-by-step how to make these DIY modern geometric ornaments

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Materials Needed:

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Using a heavier weighted cardstock (to support the wet drywall). Cut out the geometric shape you would like to make first 

Next, use a bone folder or craft knife to gently score the dashed lines which will be used to create a cleanly folded shape. 

If using a Cricut and have the scoring tool, you can set up the lines in which you’d like the Cricut Design Space to score on top of the cut design. Now until December 18, 2020 get 50% off the scoring tool and other accessories!

Place double-sided tape on the tabs. Using glue is also an option for this step. 

Cut and tie your thread, ribbon, or twine to create a hanger for your ornament. Tape this at the top peak of your cut out shape as seen above. 

Then remove the double-sided tape covering and fold/adhere your shape together. 

To create the snow flocked texture, cover two sides of your ornament in a thick, uneven layer of all-purpose drywall compound. Allow this to dry for about two-three hours, in a dry and warm environment. Finally, turn your ornament on its side and cover the rest of the cardstock, then let it sit until it drys fully.

The wonderful thing about the plaster coating is that once it’s dry, the once fragile paper ornament is now a firm and solid ornament.

Optional step: If you love all things sparkly and festive during this season, cover the top of your DIY modern geometric ornaments ornament with a dusting of sparkling glitter adhered by a coat of white glue. 


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