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Easy Paper Christmas Star – Free SVG Design

Create this lovely paper Christmas star using the free downloadable SVG design


Crafting a paper Christmas star has never been quicker or simpler, thanks to your Cricut machine and this free SVG cut file. Whether adorning your tree as a beautiful topper or gracing your banister on a festive garland, this versatile star will add a lovely touch. Hang it in windows, scale it down for charming gift toppers, or craft it into delightful tree ornaments…the possibilities are endless!


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Materials Needed:



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Step 1: Download and Cut the SVG Design


Start by downloading the free Christmas star SVG design from the Gilded Stork library and uploading it to your Cricut Design Space.

*Important* Once uploaded to Design Space, ungroup the design in the layers panel, select the lines that “squiggle” across the top of the shapes and change to score lines under the operations panel. Lastly, attach the score lines to the shapes before selecting the “make it” button.

Follow your machine’s prompts to score and cut the design.

Step 2: Fold the Design


Once your design is scored and cut, carefully fold it along the score lines in an accordion manner. Repeat this for all four pieces to create the foundation of your star.

Step 3: Attach Pieces Together


Connect two folded pieces to extend the length, using small pieces of double-sided adhesive along the inner tab to secure them in place.

Step 4: Thread with Floral Wire


Thread a piece of floral wire through the holes in the accordion-folded pieces.

Step 5: Shape the Star


Pull the accordion tight to create a star shape, then twist the wire to secure the fan-like structure in place.

Step 6: Connect the End Pieces


Use double-sided adhesive to connect the end pieces together, forming a full circle. Repeat this process to create two stars.

Step 7: Glue the Stars Together


Using a hot glue gun, connect the two stars to each other at the inside center.


Step 8: Add Glitter for a Magical Finish


With a brush and white glue, spread white glue along the outer folds of the star. Sprinkle glitter generously, shaking off any excess. Once the glue is dry, go over the star with more glue to secure loose pieces and prevent glitter from spreading.

Looking for another star design? Here is a free SVG template for an intricate paper star to also make with your Cricut machine.




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