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How to Make a Woven Paper Basket with Your Cricut

Learn how to make a woven paper basket with your Cricut Machine and this free design.


Making this woven basket project with your Cricut is so fun! To be honest, this project required four separate mockups for me to create this final basket design, each iteration involving adjustments to ensure it could be crafted easily and enjoyed. The vision I had for this basket was worth the extra time and cardstock used, I’m so happy with how these paper baskets turned out!

Crafted with intricate paper weaving, this handmade basket adds a touch of whimsy to any occasion. Versatile and customizable, it’s perfect for holding candies, eggs, or small gifts, making it a delightful centerpiece or packaging solution. 

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Getting your free design from the Gilded Stork Design Files Library


To begin, head over to the Gilded Stork Design Files library here and download the free Woven Basket SVG design. Once you have it, upload the design to your Cricut Design Space.


Getting the design directly in Cricut Design Space


If you’re a Cricut Access subscriber, you can bypass the above and directly add them to your canvas in Cricut Design Space here.


Materials needed:


12×12 in Cardstock – Lighter color

12×12 in Cardstock – Darker color


Double-Sided Adhesive

Craft Glue


Tools needed:


Cricut Machine – Any machine that can cut 12×12 in 

Cricut Standard Mat

Cricut Scoring Stylus or Wheel


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Video Tutorial



Project Instructions

Once your Cricut machine has finished scoring and cutting the basket elements, it’s time to start assembling.

Begin by intertwining the two cut swiggle elements together, overlapping one over the other until you reach the end. This creates the handle for your basket.

Next, fold along the scored lines around the base. These upward, vertical pieces will serve as the foundation for weaving your paper rows.

Start weaving at one of the upward pieces that doesn’t have any heart design cutouts. Align the paper row with the base as demonstrated above.

As you weave the rows, alternate between going under the design cutouts and over where there are no cutouts. Adjust the tension of the weave as you progress around the basket.

Continue weaving until you reach the opposite side of the basket where there’s another upward piece without a design. Trim any excess row material with scissors.

Secure the end of the woven rows inside the upward piece using double-sided adhesive.

Repeat the weaving process with the second set of three stacked rows.

Once the basket is woven, apply craft glue to fasten the top rows to the basket base. Allow it to dry.

Using a hole punch or screw punch, create two holes on either side of the basket, in the sections without any cutout heart designs.

Next, thread a ribbon through each hole from inside the basket and tie a bow. Repeat this step for the opposite side. Trim the ends of the bows for a neat finish.

Lastly, to complete the basket, affix the basket’s handle to the outside of the basket on either side, just above the bow, using double-sided adhesive or craft glue.






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