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Easy DIY Twisted Candles to make at home

Decorate your table for Valentine’s Day with these easy DIY twisted candles that are quick and fun to make.

Having seen twisted candles in various online shops along with their pretty (a.k.a. pricy!) price tags, I was so excited to find and try this Tiktok twisted candle trend and turn my affordable dollar store taper candles into looking like expensive modern table decor. Because you know Gilded Stork is all about modern DIY decor!

Easy DIY Twisted Candles To Make At Home
How to make TikTok twisted candle trend

To begin, fill a container approximately the height of your candle with warm to hot water. 

How to make DIY Twisted Candles at home. Soften the candle in warm to hot water.

Next, submerge your taper candle in the water for about twenty minutes. 

How to make DIY Twisted Candles at home. The candle will start to bend in the hot water.

You will notice that over this time the candle will begin to bend in shape.

Roll the candle out with a rolling pin and then twist.

Then remove the candle from the water and place on a smooth, flat surface. Use a rolling pin to roll the candle into a flatter shape. If you notice the wax cracking at any point, you can resubmerge the candle in the water to soften the wax for a few minutes, making it more moldable.

Lastly, hold the candle with one hand on either end. Gently twist the candle until you have the shape you like. I found some wax candles were easier to twist than others.

DIY Twisted Candles, Modern diy decor for Valentine's day

Place the spiral candles into your favourite candle holders, or DIY some gold foiled Plaster of Paris candle holders like mine with the tutorial I’ll be sharing tomorrow, stay tuned!

Modern DIY decor spiral candles

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TikTok Twisted Spiral Candles


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