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DIY Upcycled Baskets

The new year always brings about in me the desire to refresh our living spaces through organizing. This year I was feeling like our current storage solutions weren’t that cute and I was tempted to hit up our local Homesense (kinda like a Canadian version of Home Goods). But I know that even just a few baskets can add up in cost, and I am determined to make what I have and can work. I decided to use my dated and simple baskets and give them a refresh, to upcycle each one into something cute.

The above image shows the baskets before the simple yet stylish refreshes!

Color-Blocked Ikea FLÅDIS Basket

This staple Ikea basket turned out so cute and was the simplest to do.

Simply place masking or painters tape just above the folded line and fully cover the bottom with paint. After the paint has dried, remove the tape and you’re done!

Leather and Gold Accented Woven Bag

How great is this woven bag I found at the thrift store last year for only $2?! I have it hanging in our entrance and keep my hats and mittens stashed away in it. I felt the smallest edition of leather and gold would work perfectly.

Cut four one inch squares from a soft leather. Using a screw or hole punch, make a hole in the center of each square. Take a paper fastener and punch it through the hole, bending the edges behind. Use a hot glue gun to adhere each square to the bottom of the basket’s handles.

Tasseled Ikea Basket

This Ikea basket I have was fraying along the edges, I decided that tassels would be the perfect way to add extra texture and hide the baskets flaws.

Group pieces of yarn cut to five-inch long. Fold the yarn in half and push the folded end through a hole within the basket. Take the bottom ends and feed them through the folded edge, then pull snug, creating a simple tassel.

Fabric Covered Baskets

When we first moved into our apartment, I purchased a bunch of cheap organizational items from the dollar store. One of these items was a pink fabric basket. Now having slowly been decorating our space, the pink stripe doesn’t fit with the rest of our decor. I decided to use some scrap fabric I had to cover the basket. I love how this turned out!

Cut a piece of fabric to wrap around your basket, long enough to overlap when it meets at the ends, as well as leaving two inches at the top and bottom of the basket. Pin the fabric onto the basket. Then fold the fabric over the top edge and bottom of the basket and pin down. Using a needle and thread, secure the edge by sewing around the top and on the bottom.


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