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DIY A Modern Four Seasons Wreath

Who says wreaths are for holidays only?! This modern take on a wreath (or view it as wall decor if that feels better to you!) is perfect for all year long.

Fun fact, this wreath/wall decor was made with random craft supplies I had laying around with no project in mind for them. If you love the end result of this project, but don’t have all the supplies, look around for what you do have and see if you can creatively improvise. Or, order the supplies online or from your local craft store. The main point I hope you take away from this post is to get creative and see what you can make with what you have!

Recommended Supplies:

Floral Hoop
Brass Tube
Dried or Faux Grasses
Floral Tape
Embroidery Thread
Wood Beads
Acrylic Paint
Brass Paper Fasteners

Begin by threading your wire through the brass tube and wrapping it securely around the floral hoop (you could also use the inner ring of a wooden embroidery hoop for a more bohemian vibe).

Firmly wrap the wire on both ends so that the brass tube sits horizontally across the hoop. I almost wanted to end at this stage as I love the simplicity of this shape and contrast of materials! This would look amazing positioned among a gallery wall to contrast the squared edges of frames.

Using floral tape, securely wrap your grass to the hoop or brass tube, depending on where you’d like it to sit.

Next, tie embroidery thread onto wherever the floral tape sits. Tightly wrap the embroidery around until it covers the tape, then tie to end and cut any long threads.

If desired, paint your wooden beads. I used pinks that can be used all year long for both the beads and embroidery threads.

Next, cut the ends of the brass paper fasteners so that when threaded into the wooden beads you won’t see the brass ends poking through. Lastly, push the wooden beads onto your grass ends. You might find you need to use some glue to secure.

To finish, push a ribbon or string through the top of the wreath and tie, creating a loop for hanging.



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