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5 Ways to Transition Your Home to Fall (Simple and Easy Fall Decor)

How to Transition Your Home to Fall

Depending on where you live, it may seem early to be thinking about how you can transition your home to Fall decor. However, If you’re like me, you can’t be any more excited to start (you bet I’ve already made my favorite pumpkin spice smoothie and a pumpkin mug cake!). Especially with these cooler days we’ve been having in Toronto, I’m feeling all the Fall vibes!

Below are five ways to easily bring a touch of Fall into your home.

Fall arrangement with textures and colors.

Think All Things Cozy

The number one rule for making your home feel like Fall is to have the goal be to make it cozy. With this as our goal, decision making becomes simple and easy! 

Bring Natural Elements In 

Because our home is a small 500 square foot, one-bedroom apartment, I don’t have room for really any seasonal decor. The most I keep is a small box containing some special Christmas ornaments under our bed. This means that for other decorations, I keep it to items that I don’t mind throwing away afterward.

Specifically for Fall, I typically only purchase a bag of mini pumpkins at my local grocery. Avoid purchasing seasonal decor that can’t be easily recycled or composted such as fabric leaves and plastic pumpkins. Dollar store type seasonal decor will either take up space for the rest of the year or end up in the garbage.

Fall centrepiece with candles and pumpkins.

Shop Your Home for Fall Textures and Colors 

I think the most easily impactful way to freshen your home up for a new season is to shop your home! What I mean by this is to look around at items you have that could be gathered together to create vignettes or arrangements styled for the season.

While “shopping” I bring out items in colors that work for the season. Then I simply start playing around with the items, while keeping in mind how I can use basic design principles to contrast or harmonize through the use of color, texture, and shape. 

This is most impactful when you place Fall textures and colors in places that your eye rest upon often. For example, in the center of your dining table, on a hall console, a coffee table, etc. 

For the centerpiece on my table, I gathered together circular items in different textures. The bottom pink tray is actually a pizza stone! I layered it with a brass tray (that usually sits on our living room ottoman) and pumpkins. 

Side note, I think pink is such a pretty Fall color when added with browns, terracotta, oranges, burgundies, and other earthy colors. If the color can be found in a maple leaf, it can be declared a Fall color! 

Candles, Candles, and More Candles!

Whether Fall scented or not, without a doubt, candles easily meet the cozy goal we’re going for when transitioning your home to Fall. 

DIY Boho Yarn and Palm Frond Chandelier.

Get Crafty with Yarn DIYs (Or Just Add Cozy Wool Blankets and Pillows!)

You won’t mind saying goodbye to summer’s heat and welcoming cooler weather when inside feels like a blanket you can wrap yourself in! I love getting crafty and bringing in the cozy factor with some fun yarn crafts. 

The chandelier above was made with supplies you most likely have in your craft drawer! Yarn, kraft paper, glue, wooden skewers, and paint. I shared in this blog post how to make this yarn chandelier

There are so many other fun yarn diys, such as tassel chandeliers, pom-pom crafts, woven tapestries, and more! I pinned a whole ton of them on my Fall Crafts Pinterest Board you can follow here.

Transition Your Home to Fall with Five  Simple and Easy Tips

Most importantly, we can use the change in season to inspire us to see our homes with fresh eyes. Home is a place we can cozy up, relax, and recharge so that we can then creatively serve our families and friends.


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