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Sweet Macarons Card SVG Design

Craft a sweet “box” of macarons with this free Cricut card design.


Next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is my favorite for crafting cards! The opportunity to go all out with pretty pinks and sweet designs is so fun! In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the steps to create a unique Valentine’s Day card that resembles a delightful box of macarons. Not only is this card sweet, but it also features a unique letter shape size that conveniently fits into a standard business envelope.



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Materials you will need:


A Cricut machine


Double-Sided Adhesive




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Step 1: Download and Prepare the Design


To begin, head over to the Gilded Stork Design Files library here and download the macaron box card design. Once you have it, upload the design to your Cricut Design Space.


Step 2: Cut and Enhance with Glitter


Select your desired colors for the macarons and cut out the design using your Cricut machine. To add a touch of sparkle, use glitter to enhance the macarons, creating the illusion of sugar on top. Feel free to sprinkle glitter elsewhere on the card for extra sparkle! Allow the macarons to dry while you move on to creating your card base.

Step 3: Assemble the Card Base


Take a moment to fold the card base down the center vertically using a bone folder. To elevate the look and mimic a pastry box, cut a piece of acetate plastic to fit over the window of the card. Adhere this acetate sheet between the two ornate frames using double-sided tape. This step will give your card a realistic touch, making it feel like you’re opening a genuine box of macarons.

Step 4: Craft Your Macarons


Now it’s time to bring your macarons to life! Assemble the five macaron “sandwhiches” using white glue, paying attention to the intricate details of where the elements align.



Step 5: Affix the Macarons Inside the Card


Using double-sided tape, affix the macarons inside the “box” card. This placement ensures that when the card is opened, the recipient is greeted with the array of macarons lined up inside.

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