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Small Rental Kitchen Update Plans

Today I am being more vulnerable than my normal self and showing pictures of my as-is, very small, rental kitchen. Honestly, I actually don’t think it is that bad for an older apartment, we’ve been able to live with it for the year and a half we’ve lived here. I am so thankful it is bright and clean! At the same time, there’s also nothing about it that is unique or special.

The positives of the kitchen; all-white cabinets, white walls, the black subway tiles, and neutral floors, means I have a wonderful starting canvas. While sourcing inspiration for the kitchen I’ve found that I actually love a bright white kitchen with strong contrasting black details. The kitchen just needs a few touches such as gold hardware and timeless accessories to bring it closer to these droll worthy photos below.

{ McGee & Co }

{ Colin King }

{ Studio Lifestyle }

Of course, my expectations are not that I’ll have a stunning custom kitchen, however, I don’t think it will take that much to make this space more “me”. After scouring Pinterest, I’ve seen a few rental friendly updates that could definitely take this kitchen from blah to actually very lovely. Below are some photoshopped ideas, where I’ve played with one being more white and the other having more black contrast. This was way too much fun, I hope you’ll stay tuned to see whether these plans actually come to fruition (or if it looks completely different)!


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