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Free Cricut Pinecone SVG & Thanksgiving Banner SVG Designs

Add a touch of Fall to your home with these free Cricut pinecone SVGs and Thanksgiving banner SVG designs. 


In this guide, you’ll find a step-by-step assembly tutorial, accompanied by an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Learn how to craft stunning paper pinecones that can be used to adorn your Thanksgiving banner or transform them into charming Christmas ornaments with a bit of glitter.

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To get started, make sure you have your Cricut machine and Design Space ready. Download the design and gather the necessary materials listed below. Then you’ll be ready to follow along with the video tutorial found within this post and on the Youtube channel – Gilded Stork.


Getting your free Pinecone SVG and Thanksgiving Banner SVG from the Gilded Stork Craft and Resource Library


You can find and download the SVG cut file from the Gilded Stork Design Files Library here

Materials You Will Need:


Cricut machine

Floral wire
Jewelry pliers tool set


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Image Description

Video Tutorial – Design Space and Assembly Instructions:



Step-by-Step Guide:


Step 1: Prepping the Pinecone Design

Once your pinecone design is cut from a piece of cardstock, prepare each piece for assembly by using a needle to carefully create a hole in the center of each disc.

Step 2: Creating the Pinecone Base

Now, let’s focus on the pinecone “stem”. Take a length of floral wire and, using rounded nose jewelry pliers, fashion a small coil at one end. This coiled end will serve as the anchor for the pinecone, ensuring that the “scales” remain securely attached.

Step 3: Assembling the Pinecone Scales

Moving on to assembling the pinecone itself, start by threading the pinecone elements onto the floral wire, arranging them from smallest to largest. For the smaller, rounded pinecones, intersperse each one with a single seed bead. When making the longer, pointed scale pinecones, use two seed beads or a larger bead equivalent between each scale disc.

As you thread each scale disc, gently bend them downwards to give your pinecone a more realistic shape.

Step 4: Finishing the Pinecone

To complete the pinecone structure, once again employ the rounded nose jewelry pliers to create another coil at the opposite end of the pinecone. This newly formed coil will serve as a means to attach a ribbon for hanging or to be used as an ornament.


Step 5: Preparing the Thankful Banner

Transitioning to the “Thankful” banner, carefully position the vinyl-cut letters onto the cardstock pieces. Ensure they are placed in the desired order and alignment.

Step 6: Final Assembly and Decoration

With the letters in place, it’s time to connect the banner pieces. Use a needle and a length of ribbon to string the banner together. You can either tie the ribbon ends together or leave some slack for hanging.

To add a decorative touch, attach a cluster of the paper pinecones to both ends of the banner.

Image Description







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