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Our DIY Wedding: The Decor

This is the second post in sharing all the details of our June wedding!  

You can read about DIY-ing our stationery here.

Our wedding took place in a small country village. We were married in a small church and held our reception around the corner from it at a vintage community hall. Both the church and reception hall were simple and bright rooms. They both had beautiful tall windows, light walls, and hardwood floors – perfect canvases for playing with.

I spent the months leading up to our wedding preparing everything. With it being my entire vision for how the reception layout and decor would come together I was adamant that I wanted to be there the night before to set up. I definitely was tired from a busy week and our rehearsal just before, and it was somewhat stressful managing it being pulled together, still, I wouldn’t trade it for not being there! It was so satisfying seeing what I had planned come together! I posted a video on my Instagram story today from when we had just finished setting up (so fun for me to watch again)!

I’m so thankful our photographer Michaela Joy Photography able to capture the reception before all our guests came in and after of our guests enjoying the space, we will treasure these memories for years!

Truth be told, I kept all the base rental items white, the chairs and table linens, because I was playing it safe.

Having no experience in event design, I was indecisive whether gold chairs would be too much and look tacky, but didn’t want wood chairs in case they clashed with the wood floors and trim. I didn’t want to go too girly with any pink linens and navy would be too dark against all the white. Something I learned in the process of contacting many rental companies was that nicer linens such as silks or natural fabrics, yep, they cost more!

In the end, I loved the white, it kept the room bright, elegant, and cohesive (Though I would love the chance to pull together another event and explore using more colour!).

With me being from a rural town in Ontario, and my husband being Filipino, we decided to incorporate both rustic and tropical elements.

Banana leaves were used as table runners and accent greenery throughout. I have always loved orchids and also liked that they’re potted plants that some guests could take home (we still have one on our window sill)! They add height to the tablescape without being in the way for guests to see the people sitting across from them – they are just an easy statement centrepiece.

My sister made the cupcakes and they tasted amazing! I love cake! I ordered the gold tinsel picks here.

Most of the candle holders came from thrift stores, Micheals (with a coupon!), and Homesense.

DIY Rustic Placeholders

A DIY that Francis and I did together was make the placeholders for the name cards.

To do this we gathered sticks that were roughly 1-inch in circumference. I painted the outside white and then we cut the sticks into about 1-inch stumps using a chopsaw. Next, we cut slits in the center of the top for the name card to sit in using a bandsaw. After this, I painted the top with watered down gold acrylic paint for a touch of sparkle.


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