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The Best Free Heart Symbol Fonts

Looking for a heart design for your next project? This post rounds-up the best free heart symbol fonts, also known as heart dingbats.


Heart symbol fonts are a fun and versatile way to add a whimsical touch to your design and craft projects. They can be used to create Valentine’s Day cards, wedding invitations, art, and more. These hearts will easily add mega charm to your projects.

The Best Free Heart Symbol Fonts - Free Heart Dingbats

fotograami-hearts01, Walkway Bonus, KG Heart Doodles, PWLittleHearts, Heart Things, Hearts Salad, Merciful Heart Doodle


So, what are dingbats anyways?


Dingbats are graphics and illustrations that can be placed into font files, and when you install them to your computer, you can use them in the same way as you would any other font. They can be added to text documents or used in craft projects with your Cricut machine. 

Heart Symbols for Cricut Projects

The photos in this post show how I’ve taken free heart symbols, downloaded and installed them to my computer, and then used them in Cricut Design Space to make some cute cards for Valentine’s Day. I hope they provide some inspiration for your next project!

Card made with free heart symbol fonts

Dingbats add endless possibilities to what you can design and cut with your Cricut machine. Use them to create intricate and detailed designs, as well as simple and minimalistic projects. While working with dingbats in Cricut Design Space, you can resize them, rotate them, and change their colors to fit your project’s needs.

This article guides you on how to work with free fonts and dingbats within Cricut Design Space.

Personal Use Only and Commercial Use Fonts


A note on using free fonts with your Cricut. Typically free fonts are for personal use only – this means you can use these fonts for your crafts that you will only use yourself. You cannot go and design SVGs that you sell with these fonts, or make crafts with the usage of these fonts that you sell. They are for personal use only.

However, if it says free for personal and commercial use, you can use these fonts for selling purposes too! Always check the license prior, usually in a document that’s labled “read me first” when you download the font. 

Easily download, install, and use these free heart symbol fonts in Cricut Design Space to create a variety of projects. Whether you are a designer or crafter looking to add some visual interest to your next project, one of these heart designs might just be “the one”! 


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