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DIY Cricut Pendant Light

This DIY Cricut pendant light creates a statement on a budget – costing just three dollars to make!


For my rental entryway makeover, I knew the dated pendant light needed to go. However, I wanted to avoid rewiring as we would have to hire a professional. The simplest solution (and the most affordable one) was to wrap the current one with an updated one. That’s where this modern DIY Cricut pendant light design came in!

DIY Cricut Pendant Light

Getting your Free SVG Design from the Gilded Stork Craft and Resource Library


To make this DIY Cricut Pendant Light, download the free SVG design from the template library.


Materials needed to make this DIY Cricut Pendant Light:


Bristol board is the perfect material for this light. It has a glossy smooth surface that creates a luxurious appearance to the shade.

You will need five sheets of 28″ x 22″ x 0.10″ bristol board. If you’re in Canada as I am, I purchased this at Dollarama for 50 cents each. 

You will also need to purchase the extended Cricut cutting mat, 12” x 24”.

Cutting your pendant light out on your Cricut machine


Above is an illustration of how I cut the bristol board down in order to cut out the light using five sheets.

Scoring and Folding the Cricut pendant light

Scoring and Folding


Once you have cut the SVG design out five times, its time to move onto scoring and folding. 

Use a craft knife and ruler to lightly score the tabs that jet out from the side of each piece. You will want to score the glossy side of the bristol board. Score from the top corner to the bottom corner, as pictured above – where the right side of the ruler touches. 

Do this for each piece that has the tabs. Fold the tab away from the glossy side. 

Assembling the light:


Add double sided tape to each tab on the glossy side of your bristol board as shown above.

Below are step-by-step photos for assembling the pieces to create your pendant light.

Hanging Your DIY Pendant Light


The completed shade can then be adhered around a lamp shade or attach a hoop inside and use this to surround an existing light fixture.

DIY modern Cricut Pendant Light


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3 thoughts on “DIY Cricut Pendant Light”

  1. I have my bristol board (yes, $0.50. each) and bought a hanging light fixture from Canadian Tire, just working up the courage to cut and create!

  2. This design is very pretty. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m new to Cricut and don’t yet have the larger cutting mat (I will have to get one), however I have an IKEA fixture and I’m getting ready to decorate my craft room. I think I would like to do this project, but you didn’t mention a specific blade to use to cut the Bristol board. So would I just use the standard blade that came with my Maker 3?
    Also, I have the scoring blade – could I create the score lines in Design Space so my Cricut can do that work for me too or is there some reason you would not advise this?
    Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for your kind compliment! You can definitely use the standard blade, just select “poster board” in the material settings. At the time I made this I did not have a scoring tool so I did it by hand. Feel free to add them into the design and let the machine do the work!

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